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Hire Power

Selecting and Hiring the Most Qualified Listing Agent

First and foremost it's not what you sell your property for, as much as it is what will you KEEP from the sale. IF you sell for top dollar but pay 6% in commission to sell your property you aren't Keeping as much as you think. Seriously Think About it?...

Below are some serious things to consider before you Hire a Powerful Agent to help you Market, Negotiate and List your Property.

  1. Broker commissions are not fixed by law. This means listing broker commissions are always 100% negotiable for the seller Most broker do NOT allow independent agents that work for the broker to secure listings with a commission to the broker for less than 5% or 6%. Realize that all agents have a split of that commission with their broker which is why it costs sellers so much plus then you have to share on top of that with cooperative buyer agent through the MLS which could be from another brokerage company.
  2. As much as 95% of the transactions successfully closed through the MLS are completed with a buyer agent that is from another brokerage, this means listing agents are finding it more difficult to secure a buyer directly themselves, that means the buyer comes from another agent through finding your listing on the MLS.
  3. Make sure that your listing agent belongs to multiple MLS boards/memberships to list your property in the most populated MLS possible. Many smaller MLS boards will only have 150-300 agents or less, this is not always in the best interest of the seller. Sellers are about maximum exposure to as many buyer agents and prospects that could get their property sold faster. If a broker is not willing to place you in multiple MLS boards this means they do not belong to other boards or they would rather try and secure the buyer themselves and make more commission. Again not always beneficial to you the seller!