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Pre-Listing Check List

Pre-Listing Check List

I think... I'm ready to list my property? or am I...? Looking for sound advice and not really sure who to trust? The family, friend agent that used to be in real estate that usually gives their opinion, however a few things they say don't quite seem accurate. Or maybe it's because they have been out of the business for 5 years or more and only completed at best 12 transactions, when they were a full time agent.

We can appreciate what your going through and we have been right where you are. In fact we have done this thousands of times!

The advice and information we give our clients comes from a real estate team that has sold thousands of properties helping sellers across the state of California. This template works on every type of property in all counties of California. Thats why it's such a clean process to take clients through and they appreciate our refreshing difference.

4 keys to selling any home or property
  1. Thoroughly Cleaned Interior & Exterior (vacant land should be cleaned and clear of any debris & over grown plants, trees, weeds, trash, etc.) Too many sellers put their home on the market looking dirty, un-organized, and just plain trashy. So this 1st one should be obvious to most sellers.
  2. De-clutter - Begin to pack up your things this means your committed to moving and wouldn't now be a good time to start! Most sellers rent a POD its an awesome way to move, store, and unpack.
  3. De-Personalize - Your home should appeal to all buyers so make it a blank canvas for all buyer prospects to consider.
  4. Curb Appeal - Landscaping should be appealing, if your grass is dead and overgrown trees this is a problem, so fix it. Fresh paint on the front door and trim is always a nice touch and makes a great first impression!

IF you have any questions or doubts specifically about your property, we will be happy to setup a listing interview and leave with you a Pre-Listing Check List, complete with tasks to finish so you are market ready in clean shape to yield you the most for you home!

We recommend meeting with a professional home stager for a 30 min. consultation to better the appearance of your home. This will address Keys 2 & 3 out of the 4 Necessary to get Desired Results.

Once You Have these Complete, Yager Realty recommends hiring a professional photographer. This will give your property 88% more showings in the first 3 weeks on the market and higher visitor traffic online especially with consumer websites like Zillow.com, Trulia.com & Realtor.com.

If you take your own photos please make sure they are high quality and have the best lighting possible. Showing a clean and neat home. Sellers have no idea how Zillow.com searchers will never tell you how ugly or unkept your home is however if you have only few showings and no offers this may be your #1 problem. How your home looks, feels, smells and appears during showings and online will directly effect your success. We have seen sellers get amazing results by taking massive action in this process and we have witnessed sellers that are lacking of these essential elements to create results. Which type of seller are you?

Yager Realty cannot guarantee your results if you choose to ignore the importance of professional high quality photography for your home or property. You wouldn't leave your wedding photos to chance... right? So why take crappy photos of your home and expect miracles...
Besides with Yager Realty saving you thousands of dollars in broker commissions you can certainly afford a photographer for a few hundred dollars to do a professional, high quality job! Just browse Zillow.com listings for sale and you will find so many homes that it seems sellers simply do not care about the way their home shows, So stand out and look great not like all the other listings.

Awesome! Now that you have invested some time, energy and money into your property, knowing that this proven strategy always works for determined owners committed to selling - It's time to get listed and Active on your local MLS.
Set up your listing details online by registering & creating your client login. Build out your seller profile and your just a few clicks away from having your property online ready for buyers and showings!